A wise woman once told me…


Many, many years ago I worked  for the advertising legend, Mary Wells Lawrence. Because my father was CEO of the company she took a special interest in me. When I was 25 years old and newly engaged to be married Ms. Lawrence invited me to have lunch with her in her private dining room up in the sky in the GM Building where Wells, Rich, Greene was located. Among the tranquil setting of expensive decor and real artwork we were served lady-like salads by her butler.  Out of nervousness I blabbed on and on about my plans for the future. I had some dreamy visions about what my soon to be husband and I were going to do, all the way on to when we retired and beyond. Ms Lawrence patiently listened to my drivel and when she spoke she said, “My goodness, my dear, that is five lifetimes from now! You have absolutely no idea what will happen and what life is going to give you.”

It has been about five lifetimes since that conversation and needless to say, Ms Lawrence was absolutely right.
She was a very smart lady.

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